Junk Car Removal Service

Junk Vehicle Removal Doesn't Get Any Better

What could be better than having somebody come out to you with a tow truck, pick up your old piece of junk vehicle, and then turn around and immediately give you money for it? That's the sort of service that you can expect from our junk car removal in Carlsbad. We're close to the only chance your old junk car has of still being a vehicle before it gets turned into scrap metal for a junkyard. We hate to see vehicles that are just going to be recycled. A lot of work and hours have already gone into that vehicle. We like to honor that hard work by putting in our own to make sure that those old parts still get some mileage out of them.

Spot-On Evaluation and Free Towing

We really like getting those vehicles that seem like they are well beyond any hope of having a use to anyone. Those are the sort of vehicles that really get our crew revved up as they get to put their car repair services to a test. Our customers have grown to appreciate that we take the time to fully evaluate and inspect each car that we buy to make sure that are estimates reflect the value of your car and not just the price per pound of the metal.

We checkout the value of the parts. We send a few members of our team out to the streets behind the wheel of a tow truck quite often. Our customers have found the fact that we actually come out free of charge to remove their old junk car, a big weight off their shoulders. The very fact that we then pay them for it is certainly a bonus.

We Recondition All Kinds

We like to think that we are a performing a dual-service of helping out our local community by giving our customers the money they deserve, and then also when we give those old junk vehicles another chance at life. Even though we certainly like those old beat-up vehicles, we do buy newer vehicles from customers as well. We won't hesitate to give you the same sort of respectable and fair estimate for your vehicle regardless of the shape it is in. We recondition all sorts of vehicles so you never quite know what our team may be looking for. But you can guarantee that if it's an old piece of junk, it's something we want to look at.

We're Here for You

You can give our shop a call or just stop by and we can start by giving you a quick estimate over the phone. We don't even mind coming on out to you and looking at what you have. We won't bill you for the time. We like to look at old junk vehicles. It's what we live for. If you happen to like the estimate we give you, then we can go ahead and seal that same day for you. There really isn't a lot of paperwork that we get into. We get into reconditioning and repairing junk vehicles, not wasting everybody's time.