We Buy Junk Cars

We Buy Junk Cars Because We Know How to Use Them

Everyone always wants to know why we buy junk cars. While we understand where they are coming from, they might as well ask us why we like to grill out or go to the beach. Buying junk cars is a critical part of our passion of repairing and reconditioning vehicles. If we didn't have the extra parts, we would be like a painter without any paints or a musician without an instrument. We need the parts so much, that we're willing to send a few members of our staff out with a tow-truck to help our customers remove and sell their old junk vehicles.

Our Passion Is Repair

We buy junk cars in Carlsbad because our passion is repair. Everybody has a passion in life, and this just happens to be ours. We're more than happy to give our customers a fair and reasonable evaluation of their vehicle. We appreciate the parts and we're quite ready to compensate accordingly for them. This is one of the reasons that our customers appreciate doing business with us. They know that they are going to get a lot more for their old vehicle than simply taking it into a junkyard.

Same Day Services

We're also ready to buy the vehicle that very same day. No need to wait around on us like you may have been doing with that old classifieds ad you've had posted for a few weeks. It usually only takes us a couple hours from start to finish to purchase your vehicle. Our team will spend most of the time determining how much your vehicle is worth. We will inspect it to see what sort of demand there is on the parts as well as take into consideration other factors that contribute to the cars ability to be repaired, and then we'll let you know what we think in terms of price. Odds are it's going to be more than you expected. Not only are most of our customers happy with the fact that we came out to help them move that old junk vehicle, they're really tickled with the fact that we gave them a rocking deal on selling to us.

Let's Get It Started (and Finished)

You can start (and finish) the process of selling your vehicle today if you'd like. Why sit around looking at that old junk any longer? Pull the classifieds ad, and give us a call. We also have an online form available if you would like to contact us with more information to help give you a quick initial estimate based on the basic information of your vehicle. Or you can just swing on down by the shop, or we'll come to you. Whatever you choose, just know that we're here to help you with a friendly and passionate staff that loves what they do and are grateful to be part of such a wonderful local community. Very seldom have we ever found a vehicle that was even too junked for us. We're a great crew at figuring out a way to get those old parts working again. We can't wait to see what you've got for us.